What’s Left…

Beach Scenes, HDR

What's LeftUp and down the Jersey shore many of these fishing piers are left barely standing after the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. This one is located on the beach in Atlantic City and looks to be useless with it’s fate left up to the relentless Atlantic Ocean.

This is my second edit with the Nik software I downloaded just the other day. As I said in my previous post these programs come free for registered users of any single product from Nik. This shot is a result of the preset called Pro Contrast in Color Efex Pro, I hit the preset and was stunned by the result. Wow, everything just popped!

Hope you all had a great Easter!


7 thoughts on “What’s Left…

  1. Beautiful!
    We downloaded Nik software and it works wonderfully in Lightroom, but when I try to use it in Photoshop CS6 it renders a white box on my image that ruins that will not go away. So . . . I am holding my judgement of the product until this problem is fixed.

  2. This is a beautiful composition and so nicely processed. The scene is sad though.

    Pro Contrast is a go-to filter for me. Seems to add something to just about any image, from subtle to wow.

  3. Even though this is not as it was before, I do like the composition and processing of this scene and it’s one of my favorites of it perhaps due to the color, the cloudscape, and those wonderful mossy rocks.

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