A Bit Of History And A Heads Up…

Architecture, HDR

Craig HouseLocal history says, Archibald Craig, built this house in the early 1700’s. His grandson, John Craig served in the local militia during the Revolutionary War. At the time of the Battle of Monmouth, while he was absent from home, his wife hid the family silver in the bottom of the water well and fled the house. Legend has it that British soldiers passing by on that hot June day, drank from the well until it was nearly dry and discovered the silver, which they promptly took with them. The house was used as officer quarters and a hospital during the battle.

Also, I was exploring the many Nik software products that are offered free to existing customers with this shot. Let me explain, If you are a paying customer of any Nik software, Google(who bought Nik) is offering a free software suite. It includes Vivenza, Color Efex Pro, Dfine, and a few others. I found out through a friend on Google+. So if you are registered with Nik check your spam filter of your email provider and be happy!

Have a great Easter weekend!

7 thoughts on “A Bit Of History And A Heads Up…

  1. Haha. You and I are on the same track. I added Color Efex Pro, Viveza, and Sharpener Pro to complete my Nik collection and have been playing with them for two days straight. It’s a great set of tools.

    I love the perspective you took with this shot. The fence rails frame the house so well. Your processing choices are great too.

    1. Thanks Julie, is there anything that stands out with these products? Seems like a bit of redundancy. What presets do you like.

      1. I agree – there is a lot of redundancy. I think it’s going to take a long time to weed through it all and come up with favorites. I still think that Silver Efex Pro is the stand out among them all. I wouldn’t want to be without it or Dfine but the others are going to have to convince me. People keep recommending a series of videos called 55 filters in 52 days which takes you through all the CEP filters. Here’s the link:


        Did you join the Nik Community on G+. I’m picking up a few tips there. I just sent you an invite.

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