Add This To The Publications…

Architecture, HDR

NYC Public LibraryNot only are there millions of publications at the NY Public Library but turn any corner and you will undoubtedly find numerous photographers shooting any of the ornate details in this wonderful building. Every time I go back I find more and more features to shoot.

Do you find yourself going back to places that fascinate you visually? Dumb question but I’d be interested in hearing and seeing some of your favorite places. Place a link to some shots from this place for all to see.

5 thoughts on “Add This To The Publications…

  1. Lovely shot, Mike! Beautiful details. I like the light illuminating the inner arch, it adds a really nice glow.
    I find myself going back to the Montreal Botanical Garden very so often. Most of the floral shots on my blog were from there.

  2. I love the light in this shot, Mike, and the detail in the stone. I also find the fact that the arch is off-center in the frame to be quite appealing. I think I’d love to shoot in this building. Even without a camera, I’d love to soak up the atmosphere. My imagination or does it need a bit of straightening?

    I have a lot of places I like to shoot time and time again. One is the ice fishing community near me. It changes every year and the colors are so intense. Here is a link:

    I also love our local peat bog. Beautiful in many seasons:

    And, our Canadian War Museum is architecturally fascinating:

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