Another Cold Sunrise in NJ…

Beach Scenes

manasquan sunriseThought it was going to be a trophy morning but the clouds rolled in!

Played with my nd filter to get a 30 sec exposure and here’s the result, not bad.

And this is the set-up…Canon XTI, Sigma 10-20, 9 stop ND filter and 3 stop grad. ND filter….


On another note, I’m not much of a pop music guy (by any means) but I find this song certainly gets my groove on…. check it out here. Anyone else like it? He’s got some talent.


5 thoughts on “Another Cold Sunrise in NJ…

  1. Love your results…it looks like the sky is moving! This is beautiful! I would say this is your morning! 🙂

    Love JT…and love his new song. Did you watch him on Saturday Night Live last week…finally a great episode!

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