Many Moons Ago…

Astrophotography, Beach Scenes

Many MoonsLiterally, I took this shot last summer during my astrophotography phase. I remember the night being so illuminated that people were out and about like it was the middle of the afternoon. I can’t figure how I got his shot with so few people in it considering there were families all over and at least a dozen people surf fishing at 11pm at night. It was a great night!

This is sooc with only a slight vignette added for mood. I can’t wait to do this again with my 5D as I will be able to control noise so much better. Maybe I’ll even catch a shot like this.

3 thoughts on “Many Moons Ago…

  1. I think you did a wonderful shot with the camera you had…love the tones in this (and I do hope you get that prize winning image like the one you want…that is really beautiful)!

  2. So pretty. It sounds like it was a pretty magical night. Isn’t the sensor on the 5Dm2 amazing for low noise at high ISO? One of my favorite features of upgrading to full frame.

    That shot you linked to is spectacular. I don’t know much at all about astrophotography but I wonder if you would need to be someplace far away from the noise pollution of the cities to get a shot like that?

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