How Much Is That Motorcycle In The Window…


StorefrontI’ve not only been away from blogging and visiting your sites but I’ve also not done much HDR lately. I don’t know, a much needed rest and frankly lack of quality days and subjects seems to be the fault. Hopefully with the weather changing for the better hopefully I escape from this rut.

I’m pretty fired up about this hdr so maybe it will propel me out of the winter doldrums. Anyone else in this situation?


5 thoughts on “How Much Is That Motorcycle In The Window…

  1. Like all the colour and the surreal look you have going with the bike, a fun switch-up from your natural-looking HDR.

    February & March are the hardest months to be motivated I find, all the snow and ice and same-old subject matter have become frankly, tiresome. Even with the wonderfully warmer days I’m spending more time in front of the computer than with a camera. Maybe it’s a rut, maybe it’s transition… I’m just going with it for the moment as well.

  2. I call it the winter blues, Mike. I have been posting regularly, BUT have really not done much outdoors shooting lately. I have simply been processing and reprocessing old files.

    Your photo is pretty cool, with the brilliant colors. Something we really need during these remaining days of winter.

  3. If this color doesn’t inspire you, nothing will! Great artistic composition!

    I have been feeling the same way too…I think it is the winter blahs.

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