52 Week Theme Project: History…

52 Week Theme Project, HDR

Jet Star DemoA few weeks past I posted a few shots of this iconic symbol from Hurricane Sandy, the Jet Star Roller Coaster in Seaside New Jersey.

I just read that contract has been signed and demolition of this ride will commence in just 10 days. Renovation to the Seaside Pier is to be almost complete by May10th. Unbelievable considering the level of devastation in this area.

If you’d like to see a few great pictures of this boardwalk go here. Great perspectives for sure.

Have a great weekend. What are your photographic plans? Let us know.


8 thoughts on “52 Week Theme Project: History…

  1. Another cool shot of this sunken coaster. At least all the photographers who haven’t yet shot it still have a couple months to do so! 😉

    I’m going to be doing something for my Ottawa Nifty Fifty Project this weekend, but I’m not sure what. Have a good one!

  2. Sad as this all is, you’ll be glad to have these photos one day, really like your use of the foreground in this one. An amazing subject I think, did you do any HDR with these? Get all the shots you can before they take it away, such a shame…

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