Hey, You Two…Yeah You….Get Down From There….NOW!

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Flatiron Building CloudlessIf you click on the picture you can see the two guys up top…really!

Anyway, a while back I was having trouble replacing a intricate background and summoned the expertise of Karen Brockney to help me with a tough selection in Elements. Well that video was so good I find myself going back to it every so often to replace a background. That video can be seen here or go to the top of my blog and find it under the tutorial menu. It’s very useful when trying to replace intricate skies or backgrounds.

I used that tutorial to replace the dull, cloudless sky behind the Flatiron Bulding and the result is posted below….

What I like most is the seamless blending of the two layers and then unrelated to the sky, the details of this fantastic building.

Flatiron Building CloudsThanks again Karen!

And more of Karen’s talent can be seen here.

13 thoughts on “Hey, You Two…Yeah You….Get Down From There….NOW!

  1. Hi Mike – Great result with that method! i tried the link to the video but couldn’t access it because I think I originally only gave permission to you to see it on Google+. I shared it with the Public, but still couldn’t get the link to work. If I can, I’ll post it to YouTube and give you a link to find it there.

  2. I’m dizzy looking at the enlarged photo! Fantastic detail… thanks for showing us the photo before and after. (And thanks to Karen for sharing her tricks.)

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