The House At The End Of The Street….

Themed 365 Project

The HouseMy kids had just got done watching the movie(have you seen it? A classic I’m sure:) so I decided to post a shot with that movie in mind.

This house is about 3 minutes from our house and has been in disrepair for quite some time. It makes for a fairly spooky photo, I think.

Processed in Topaz Adjust and finished in Lightroom.

Speaking of Lightroom, has anybody upgraded to LR4? I hear the catalogue conversion can be confusing….any thoughts or tips? I’m thinking of upgrading.

7 thoughts on “The House At The End Of The Street….

  1. Wonderful shot, Mike. Hard to believe that’s located only a few minutes from your banner image. 😉 I like how the edges at the front and side are so dark – it really enhances the spooky aspect. Who knows what’s lurking there?

    I had no problems at all upgrading from LR3 to LR4. Easy peasy.

  2. I upgraded from LR3 to LR4 awhile back and don’t remember anything whatsoever about the conversion – so it must have been a piece of cake.

    Love this atmospheric house!

  3. LOVE this image! Oh, only if it’s walls could talk. I just watched that movie a few nights ago…it makes this house even creepier after seeing the movie lol

  4. I don’t think of these abandoned houses as so spooky anymore (unless you hear the rustling of rodents) but look at them with a sense of sadness for the bygone days when they were a beloved home to someone. I upgraded to LR 4 without incident but found out I really missed my old presets and the Develop module was more demanding of my computer so decided to upgrade that too. Feel more comfy with it all now.

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