Heading Out For A Day At The Office…

Black and White

KingfisherI really believe I’m developing cabin fever! This is the time of year when I start to get stir crazy after weeks and weeks of cold weather. It’s 30 degrees and the wind is howling at about 25mph. I need to get out of the northeast one of these years. Anyone else suffering from the winter blues?

When you hear that light is the most important aspect of a great photo this is a shot that illustrates that notion. I really think this shot would be nothing without the great early morning light bringing out all the detail on this fishing boat.

In terms of processing I used a high contrast B+W preset in Lightroom and then when into Elements and added a levels adjustment to add contrast to the water.

10 thoughts on “Heading Out For A Day At The Office…

  1. This is an interesting image… you can see that it is a gusty breezy morning because of the wind ripples on the water around the boat and the way the boat is pulling on its anchor, but in the distance the water is smooth. I also like how your title makes me look closer at the photo and I see the second boat to starboard getting ready to offload the workers. And I especially like the early morning light.

  2. I wish that were my office! The lighting is fantastic, but even more fantastic are the tones and that composition…it makes me wonder where they are going!

    1. Thanks Tammy, it’s a tough way to make a living if you watch these guys on TV. I don’t know how I missed this shot sitting in the archives for so long.

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