Work It…

Black and White

Absecon LightouseYou’re out searching for photo ops and something catches your eye. You stop, put the camera to eye and take a few shots. Chimp the camera and suddenly you become uninspired with the results. Happen to you? It has me. Did you move on or work the scene? Don’t know what to do?

Well, I have the perfect solution. It happened with this shot and I tried a few of the ideas presented by Scott Kelby in this video and ended up with this result. If this has ever happened to you you need to watch this video by Scott on composition. I guarantee the inspiration will return. Let me know what you think!


7 thoughts on “Work It…

  1. I clicked on this an hour ago and I am still here lol I thought I would at least watch a few minutes of the video, then couldn’t stop. Awesome video on composition…one of the best I have seen. Thanks for sharing! The angle on this image makes it…nice!

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