Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

Black and White, Portraits


TheTroubles-9 If you’ve followed my blog long enough you know that portrait work is not really my forte. As a landscape photographer my first area of focus is not people. I’m fairly introverted and asking people to photograph them is real difficult.

In 2013 I plan to increase my level of portrait work in some way shape or form and in early January I had an opportunity to photograph some friends as they moved out of their comfort zone and played at a well known club here in New Jersey. In fact this is the club where The Boss, Bruce Springsteen made his mark, a place called The Stone Pony.

As the title of the blog suggests, stepping out of a comfort zone is crucial to advancing as a photographer. I stepped out, slightly, in photographing these guys as they made their debut. I also put my new 5D MkII to the test by renting a Canon 24-70L lens and it performed real well.

TheTroubles-81I even managed to move around the club and the stage itself in order to get in close to the action. I finished with 145 pictures, of them, 50+ were keepers. I’m real happy with the results. I feel even more confident that my next attempt at concert photography will be even better. I will explain more in future posts but my advise to you at this point would be to definitely step out of that zone, it will increase your confidence immediately.


Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

  1. I always admire your work… and thus I’m not surprised to see that you were able to capture such fine photos in a such a difficult milieu. I too am trying more with people/portraits this year but I doubt I’ll ever come close to trying a night club scene, famous or not.

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