My First Time….

52 Week Theme Project

My First...Do you remember your first time????? The first time you posted a photo on the net? I can’t quite remember the first but this is the oldest shot I placed on Flickr. I submitted this shot to a theme contest on the Photography On The Net forum and I got a 2nd place award. I’ve been hooked ever since!

I learned quite a bit from the people over at that forum and I thank them for letting me in. Shortly after that I discovered the Elements Village forum and you guys have carried me from then on, for that I thank all of you.

So do you remember your first time? I am interested in seeing your first photography post on the net. I think it would be pretty interesting to see where we’ve all come from, so insert a link into your comment post from your first time. I look forward to your submissions.


10 thoughts on “My First Time….

  1. What a great idea, Mike! I checked my flickr account and the first photo I posted there was from the Brimfield Fair in May 2008. What a long way I’ve come… I joined the 365 Photo Challenge in 2009 like Tammy and grew in leaps and bounds from then.
    Colors and Patterns

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