Jersey Shore Dilemma: To Build Or Not To Build…..

Beach Scenes, Black and White

To Build or Not to BuildSince the unwelcomed visit of Hurricane Sandy last October one of the controversies here at the Jersey shore is whether to build towering dunes on the beaches to protect homes from the next catastrophic event.

Proponents of such a project contend that protection of homes, businesses and ultimately lives is most important. Critics of the program of building dunes claim, amongst of things, that doing so will not only impede a sight line of the ocean but also lower property values.

This gentleman asked me if I knew if dunes were going to be built, I didn’t have an answer for him but he expressed his opinion quite quickly. I’ll just say global warming and the governments level of involvement seem to be a foundation of many opinions in these shore towns.

This might be a discussable topic. What do you think? Should beachfront owners have a say in how beaches are modified to protect homeowners? Who should make these decisions? Who should own the countries beaches? It’s an interesting topic and quite controversial right now here in New Jersey.

8 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Dilemma: To Build Or Not To Build…..

  1. Very thought provoking. I can see both sides…it costs millions to keep rebuilding the area, yet, if I were a home owner there, I would be there for the ocean view. Let us know how it plays out. Great pics of the dunes…but that would be one heck of a walk down the shore!

    1. I can agree with your thoughts especially as an agent, Tammy…. it seems that maybe the insurance companies may have an impact on alot of these decisions too?

  2. Definitely something to think about. Seems this is a “battle” that nobody can win completely. I’d say listen to the home owners, I’m sure they are aware of the risks involved. But, perhaps what is needed is a compromise, a middle ground, if there is even one.

  3. People build on the shore for the view the risks of storms is ever present. Shoreline restoration is important over and above that owners and government need to think are they reacting to a once in a lifetime event or will the additional changes they want to employ necessary. No real right or wrong thinking this is a tough situation to snap back from.

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