Theme Post #1…Quiet…

52 Week Theme Project, HDR

NYC Public LibraryI had no idea what a great place the NYC Public Library would be for photographic opportunities. Every hallway, foyer, ceiling, room, etc. had a bit of wow factor. On this day the library was packed with tourists etc. and this was the quietest room on any of the 6 floors. A reading room of sorts and probably the least ornate of any of the rooms I saw on this day. Not much going on here but perfect for the theme. Come back again for more shots of this great building.

Oh, I have to tell you I am really enjoying the thread over at Elements Village on the photographers you follow.Some great sites y’all are recommending.

Still planning a Google+ hangout, let me know if you have any questions or if your interested.


12 thoughts on “Theme Post #1…Quiet…

  1. Fabulous details everywhere you look! Really love the floor, the patterns and lighting combined are very cool! I guess I should go to the library more often. I am interested in your google+ group if I am around when you do it. 🙂

  2. First class image Mike. The best part for me is how the overhead lighting and the reflections of the tables and chairs form leading lines to the end of the room and the people in the image are almost invisible because the scene is so strong!

  3. Very interesting photo. I like the way you framed the image with the arm and laptop on one side and the gentleman with his iphone on the other. My eye roamed the tables to see what was going on, and moved up to the pictures on the wall.

  4. Excellent composition! This photo just makes me want to climb right into it and sit down in the lovely room and enjoy a good read! Kudos!

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