Highest Symbolism…


SPC CeilingAlthough St. Patrick’s Cathedral is undergoing a substantial renovation we found time to visit this beautiful landmark. Not having been here in quite some time I made it a point to look for some of the finer details sans the scaffolding. This is a shot of the ceiling inside the cathedral.

I thought I had a decent shot until I saw this on 500pix. Click it, it’s definitely worth it! Anyway, I did a bit of research on the construction and found out that IHS is the symbolic monogram of Christ used by the Roman Catholic Church. The letters spell out the phrase “lesous Hominum Salvator”, Jesus, Savior of man. I can’t confirm it but since I originally thought that the red decor were actually “galeros” I was glad I found out the meaning of the symbol anyway.

From a processing standpoint all adjustments were made in Lightroom, mainly to vibrance, saturation and clarity.  No tone-mapping here!

Oh and btw, this Canon G12 is the little camera that could!

10 thoughts on “Highest Symbolism…

  1. We went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral the one and only time I ever visited NYC. We sat in one of the pews and just gazed in wonder and amazement. Such a beautiful place. Love your take on it.

  2. I am always amazed to see how much detailed work they put into these cathedrals…especially on the ceiling. I am looking for a smaller camera …I think I might just have to give the canon G12 a good look!

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