Impromptu Fashion …


Impromptu FashionI was able to snag this shot of my daughter on the train from our trip to New York City. I wish she would let me do this more often as she is easy to shoot when in the mood.

I went back and forth in the processing stage of this shot mainly due to poor on-board lighting, but in a nutshell I cropped, cloned, and applied a creative split-tone preset from Lightroom 3. I did tweak the shadow color and rather like the result.

From a technical standpoint there are certainly a few problems but what can one do on a moving train.

Thanks to all who have subscribed to my blog over the last few days. I hope to keep you entertained over the next year.



11 thoughts on “Impromptu Fashion …

  1. She looks like a fashion model, and your handling of the processing is perfect for a high fashion image! I can visualize this as an ad in a magazine!

  2. Beautiful, Mike. Gold/blue is probably my favorite type of split toning and this is a lovely example of it. I don’t mind the softness either because her eyes are nicely sharp. I’m not sure about the angle but respect your creative decision there.

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