And To This End….


PennStationI give you my final photo for 2012… one more Christmas tree shot from Penn Station in NYC.

Penn Station probably represents a place for many beginnings and endings. Whether it be the start or end of a work day; possibly a day trip by the millions of tourists (like me) coming into (and leaving) the Big Apple each day, and maybe even a relationship (of any kind) or two have commenced or terminated within this bustling environment.

For me, visiting Penn Station (and, of course New York City) was a fantastic ending to a great year. I haven’t done it often but visiting Rockefeller Center and “The Tree” is always captivating and memorable especially when accompanied by family.

Penn Station also defined a new beginning in that it opened up my photographic eye to the endless possibilities it presents. Now it’s not that I live in a bubble but 95% of what I showcase on this site comes from my state of New Jersey…yes New Jersey…I know, Jersey Shore, Housewives… all that good stuff:) But living 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean does provide outstanding photographic opportunities yet it does get stale after 3-4 years of weekly visits.

Anyway, with this in mind, my #1 goal in 2013 is to visit and post more photos from the greatest city in the world, New York City. It’s an exciting goal, a new beginning and I’m looking forward to presenting you with these experiences. Visit often in the next few weeks because I have quite a few photos to post from my most recent visit and on another note, I’ve also just made a few detail changes to the site in order help you navigate a bit easier. Let me know if it helps!

Thank you for your continued presence on my site and


Here’s to new beginnings….


9 thoughts on “And To This End….

  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Mike! I love this photo – with the Macy’s Believe sign in just the right place in the frame. I will really look forward to seeing your New York City photos. Maybe one day, all the nearby photobloggers can meet for a shoot in NYC.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours! This is just fantastic…I LOVE everything about it! Looking forward to following your pics in next year’s challenge!

  3. Your closing photo for this year and the thought process behind it is so appropriate. Personally I never grow weary of your Jersey shore images but look forward to your city sights in 2013!

  4. That was a very impressive year of posts Mike. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing more shots of New York.
    Happy New Year.

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