Where They Take You When Your 80…


Rockefeller Christmas TreeNot a bad place to spend the rest of your life, except, I guess, if your of the tree hugger type. No offense intended.

Anyway, Ron commented on my last post, implying that the tree was barely visible from my vantage point, so I decided to show a shot “from the front row”.  Lighting was pretty tough at this point and although I was able to brace my camera up against a flag pole, shooting more than 3 brackets with my Canon G12 was not possible.

After taking 20 or so shots I decided that giving up my spot to an elder man was the right thing to do and moved on amongst the throngs of people. This lead me to vantage point shown in my previous post.

4 thoughts on “Where They Take You When Your 80…

  1. Yep that was the tree I mentioned, LoL In my defence the building is bigger, and also in my defence, if you mean they are going to drag me off there when I turn 80, expect to see a name change to Logan before then. Have a Happy New Year.

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