And Now For Something Completely Different…


Seeing In ShapesI had the opportunity to take a composition class yesterday at Lambert Castle in Paterson, NJ. The castle, built in 1892, had quite a bit of detail; typical of old English castles it had many shapes, colors, textures, curves, corners and levels. For me it was a bit difficult to figure out how to shoot this elaborate structure.

Bill Blanchard, our leader, explained that scenes like this, whether it be landscapes, architecture, street photography, etc., should be looked at as simply as possible. He suggested looking for shapes, lines, colors, etc. individually, in order to focus your shots on specific points of interest.

The shot above is the result of Bill’s recommendation. This is part of a railing system surrounding the castle. He also suggested that the photographer look for unique perspectives to make these simple shapes appear to be more complex. I don’t know about complex but for me it does have a bit of interest.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and as always, thanks for visiting.



9 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…

  1. I think your goal was definitely accomplished. This peaks my interest as to what is on the other side and what is at the end of the very strong leading lines. Well done!!

  2. I agree with the comments above, Mike. You have definitely accomplished your goal. The composition is perfect, you used the light and the shadows to lead our eyes from the first pattern to the last, and then back. Your subject is simple and yet very interesting that I cannot take my eyes off it.

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