Sad Morning…

Beach Scenes, Black and White

OvercomeI was finally able to get down to one of my favorite shore towns after being deemed a disaster area from Hurricane Sandy. This is Manasquan New Jersey.

The destruction in this town is significant. As you can see, the beachfront homes sustained major damage from the surge of sand and water. Under normal conditions these homes are not visible from the beach do to a 10 foot dune separating them from the ocean. Well, as you can see, the power of Sandy pushed tons of water and sand into all these homes, knocking many from their foundations. The boardwalk, gone, homes on the bay-side, one after the other are affixed with red stickers, uninhabitable.

It’s true what you read, the face of these shore towns are permanently altered. Sad!

BTW, click on the photo and you get a much bigger look!

6 thoughts on “Sad Morning…

  1. Oh wow….truly sad. Love how the black and white processing really enhances the destruction. This should be sent in to a paper or magazine!

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