Exploring The Battlefield….


As I posted a week or so ago I decided to walk around the actual battlefield of the Battle of Monmouth in Freehold NJ. It’s quite nice there and there are actually a few “hills” that surround this place. Unusual for this part of central NJ. Anyway, I decided to include a few shots so you can take the small journey with me.

BattlefieldThis is a shot from the top of Comb’s Hill looking across the Wemrock Brook and into the main battlefield.

Battlefield-19In the photo above I’m walking in the actual battlefield where approximately 400 Continental and 290 British soldiers were killed. Many of them killed, not from bullets but heat exhaustion.

My goal was to get to the far northeast area by those two standout trees.

Battlefield-24The closer I got to these trees the larger their splendor. I also spotted an old revolutionary style fence separating this area from an adjacent apple orchard. This can be seen below.

Battlefield-43-Edit Battlefield-41Hope this gave you a little insight into my historical journey of the day.


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