What To Do, What To Do…

Architecture, HDR

I don’t know, is it me or is everything in America tied up in “red tape”? Take these homes(known as Officers Row) located on Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook, NJ. The stories that surround the legal battles over the fate of these buildings just make you wonder if anything can be done in the fashion that’s in the best interest of America. Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants, buildings for higher education, many different ideas have been presented but no one can agree on what should be done so it’s off to the courts. It’s no wonder that this country cannot advance economically. Everything is log jammed in the legal system.

Wow, I don’t really speak my mind on stuff like this on this blog but sometimes attitudes and decisions of our leaders really get me pissed off. Just do what’s right to get the ball rolling. Put the party and your ego aside and do what Larry the Cable Guy Says…… “Git r done!”

Whew….I guess I feel better now:)

4 thoughts on “What To Do, What To Do…

  1. These buildings are gorgeous. They should be used as props for photographers to come and shoot and bring along their models :). I kid. And glad you feel better.

    I really love all the color tones in this image. It’s so peaceful to look at.

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