More Destruction Than Sandy…



Don’t let the first shot fool you. Although it is serene and beautiful this noreaster has done more damage in my neighborhood than Hurricane Sandy!

The snow is so heavy it has probably taken down double the amount of trees than the superstorm.

There used to be a robust evergreen in this spot which separates my house from my neighbors. I wonder how much a 20 foot spruce costs these days.


5 thoughts on “More Destruction Than Sandy…

  1. I agree, that first shot is absolutely beautiful. Like Christmas morning. But judging from the next two photos, I can see how your area has been hit really bad by the Nor’easter. I’ve been hearing it on the news for the past two days, and although we haven’t had the snow, the temperature has plummeted really fast.

  2. Oh noooooo!!! I hate what snow and ice do to the trees! Sickening! It’s a wonder how such a beautiful scene can hold so much destruction!

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