Nice Try…

Beach Scenes


I made an attempt to get down to the beach this morning but with police presence and road blockages everywhere I’m only left to bring you this shot from our vacation back in August.

This is the beach in Margate, NJ. and as much as I could tell the destruction is less devastating in the southern part of the state as compared to here in central NJ. As I traveled and got closer to the beach the more debris and personal belongings were lined up along the street for removal. It was pretty bad and I was still about a half mile from the Atlantic.

Now a noreaster is making it’s way towards NJ so we’ll see what tomorrow brings!


3 thoughts on “Nice Try…

  1. That’s too bad, Mike. It would have been really nice to see the “before and after Sandy” shots. This is a beautiful image though, a good photo to help us remember how this place used to look like, as I think it’ll take a while before the area can be restored back to what it was.

  2. The clean up efforts from the storm will take a long time. You beautiful photo is an inspiration to get the job done and return life to normal or as close to normal as possible.

  3. Your efforts to get to the shore are commendable most likely it will a long time before non residents in the hard hit areas will be allowed in to the area.
    Your shore shot is indeed beautiful looks to be a sunrise – eerily my most recent post Dusk at the Seashore is so similar to yours.

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