I’m Back Online….

Black and White, Still Life

Well. it’s been just about a week since Sandy made a visit to NJ and left us with devastation throughout the state. It’s really been more of an inconvenience for us but it makes you take stock of what’s really important in the grand scheme of things. Things cannot be further than the truth for thousands of other people in the tri-state area.

We were without power until Friday night and without internet, phone and television till last night. My sister and her family are still without power and no sign in sight as to when it will be restored. Friends who live closer to the beach are in the same situation but are further complicated with water damage.

Since Thursday we have been providing heat, food and laughter for friends and family and that may continue till power is restored. Kudo’s to my wife for the constant supply of food. She even fed the Verizon guy after restoring our internet etc. last night.

My plan was to post some pictures of the event but they are no where near as telling as the shots you’ve seen on TV. I mainly have shots of downed trees from in and around our neighborhood. If you would like to see a much more comprehensive account of the storm especially here at the Jersey shore please visit this blog I discovered last night. The blogger does a great job of reporting on the goings on. You may also remember this shot of the Ocean Grove pier I posted over the summer. Well it’s no longer there and the video shows the wrath of Sandy and how it took down the pier. See the video here.

Now, what about the shot at the top of the post?…..well this is how we killed time in the days after the storm, playing Yahtzee by candlelight.

Again I’d like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers in the days after the storm. It’s true, the people who are most important in times like these are your family and friends. I’ll always remember that!



4 thoughts on “I’m Back Online….

  1. I’m so glad to know that you and your family are safe. The photos have been just horrible. I have family in NY but they are far enough away from the city that they didn’t receive any damage. Thank you for sharing your home with others who are still in need.

  2. The devastation in your area is just unbelievable! I am just thankful that you and your family made it through the storm! Playing yahtze by candle light had to be a family bonding experience to be thankful for though! Love both of your images! So glad you are back!

  3. Glad to hear that you survived old Sandy. Am sure it must be heartbreaking to see familiar photo subjects decimated. The news reports are distressing enough to those of us who are not emotionally connected with the area. I can only imagine how the area’s residents feel.

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