Hurricane Sandy 7:30am Monday…


It’s 7:30am and we got a pretty good nights rest. I did start to hear the effects of Sandy’s wind somewhere around 3am. I also heard the rain pelting the side of my house at that time and it continues at daybreak. The wind is probably blowing consistently between 25-35 mph and the storm is still 12 hours away!

The top photo shows only a build up of leaves and a barren tree. This tree still had leaves on it when we went to bed. Those trees across the tree are Bradford pears and have very shallow root systems, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of them horizontal by the end of the day.

Just had the largest wind gust I’ve felt all day……

Not much visual change here other than quite a bit of rain. Val advised me to take in the glass from the table which I had done just after posting the last shot. Thanks Val!

If you’d like to follow even closer I’ve decided to video this storm on youtube and my first post can be seen here.


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