Planting The Ivy…..

Shots After Dark

After seeing these stones on the back of Nassua Hall at Princeton University I began to wonder the origin and significance of the term Ivy and Ivy League.

The Ivy that grows on many of the stately buildings of the elite schools of the Ivy league represent the growing and lasting friendships of the given class members. Princeton’s inaugural Ivy Club was founded in 1879.

Below, you will see that Nassua Hall is wrapped in Ivy….

Researching the term Ivy League brought me to Wiki and the folk etymology storyline that the term actually emerged from the IV numerology, as in the first four colleges of the league…. Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia. Another theory is The Ivy League universities are also called the “Ancient Eight” or simply the Ivies(Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, U Penn, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown). These story-line’s seem to depend on where you research but does give the curious researcher something to chew on. However you choose to look at it, Princeton University is a goldmine for the curious photographer and if you ever want to go, I’ll tag along.


4 thoughts on “Planting The Ivy…..

  1. Excellent images. That second image had be glued to the screen for a while…the perspective is awesome, it’s as if I am being pulled into the yard.

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