It’s As Easy As…


Did you ever have one of those shots that you like but certain elements just ruin the picture all together? This is one of those shots!

I suppose I don’t have to tell you that the wide angle distortion(although I don’t totally dislike it) is the most obvious problem with this shot. So much so that after I processed it in Topaz, I almost trashed it. Somewhat disgusted, I got up from the computer, came back a few minutes later and decided to play with the manual lens correction tool in Lightroom, surprisingly within 5 minutes I ended up with this…

Here’s what I did….

1. In Lightroom 3, I utilized the Lens Correction module and set the horizontal perspective slider to -60. This eliminated the distracting building and tree on the right side of the shot…

2. Checked the constrain to warp button to further proof the shot.

3. Finally, I adjusted the vertical perspective to -19.

Now certainly this shot won’t win any prizes but it does make it worthy of posting on the blog for educational purposes. So next time you have that shot with distortion issues give that lens correction module a go. Hey, remember, any adjustments in Lightroom are never permanent.

It’s as easy as that!

3 thoughts on “It’s As Easy As…

  1. I thought that the hint of the sister house and the open pathway were appealing in the first shot, but understand that the perspective distortion would have been marked that far towards the edge. Interesting.

  2. I had a lot of tipped buildings from my London visit. The scenery there was generally too cluttered & building-busy to make too many corrections. This one here cleaned up pretty nicely.

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