I Need Your Opinions…


I’m thinking about entering this print into a local art show and I need your critical opinions on the overall look of this presentation. This will be going into a simple black frame. I don’t know much about specifics of matting, etc. so what ever you think please tell me. I had the hardest time with the color and texture of the mat and the lettering. Don’t hold back I need you to be critical! Thanks for taking the time to look and if you have any friends that would enjoy voicing their opinion please forward the link.

Clicking photo will enlarge in pop-up window and then click again to view full size to get a true look at texture effects..

5 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinions…

  1. 7,620px × 6,096px is a big image to enlarge and my isp is snail pace. So based on this image and how I like doing HDR it is marvelous. Also if Claude Monet is a Judge, you are a shoe-in!

  2. The font is completely wrong, IMHO. It looks digital, like a clock radio. Cold, impersonal and not at all in the manner of the tranquility and organic nature of the print. Also consider experimenting with an inner matte color as opposed to just the cream with pinstripe. You’d be stunned how well the right second matte can make an image *pop*.

  3. Hi MIke,

    The texturing is nice and so are the colors. I like the inner matte idea and also agree with the commenter who said the font is wrong. Good luck in the show.

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