With A Little Help, Part 2….

Black and White

A few posts back I mentioned getting access to the Anglers Club of Absecon’s fishing pier from a nice guy named Dan, he was from the Chery Hill area of NJ and he sometimes invites “serious photographers” ( I told him not to take me too seriously:)) up to the pier to take shots. I was highly appreciative of his invitation and this was one of the first shots I took.

I think this shot gives the viewer a real sense of the length of this pier and the walk it takes to get out to the end. This thing is huge!

Thanks Dan for the invitation, I really enjoyed taking pictures up here and meeting a few of the other Angler’s of Absecon. More on that later.

On another note I’m happy to announce my first sale of one of my shots over at Fine Art America. The happy customer purchased a box of 25, 5×7 cards and I had an opportunity to look at the product and I’m really excited about the quality of the product. The print came out beautiful, the card stock is high end and the box it came in…..wow. If you are apprehensive about buying something from Fine Art America, do not worry about the quality of the product!

BTW, thanks Mom:)


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