These Guy’s Are Good…

Black and White

There’s nothing better than live music and last Friday I was able to go and listen to some good friends rehearse at a local studio. It’s been quite some time since I heard them jam and I’ll tell you what….these guys are good.

The lighting on the other hand was terrible which resulted in less than optimal results. Luckily I was able to convert to B+W in Lightroom and have something presentable. I think they really present a certain mood.

There is a bunch of motion blur in many of these so I tried to disguise that by adjusting the exposure to produce a much darker look. Digital noise is a big problem since I had to jack up my ISO to 800, darkening and some noise reduction in Lightroom really helped too.

Despite not having much individual time to practice or rehearse these guys are good. They love music from the 70’s and 80’s and have a sh*t load of fun when they do get to play.

It was a good night of music, laughs, photos and even a beverage or two.

Thanks guys!


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