Sunrise Surf…


A beautiful morning not only for me the photographer but for the dozen or so surfers at the Manasquan Inlet beach. I was a bit surprised to see that many surfers at 5:30am even if the conditions were ideal.

For such a perfect morning I found it a bit difficult to expose properly with the harsh light. I tried a combination of polarizer and exposure compensation and although not perfect the results aren’t half bad.

Do you have any experience with these conditions(I know most of you don’t get up this early:)), if so, any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Surf…

  1. These shots are awesome! I love the sunrise but do feel your pain with finding the correct exposure (I even blogged about it on my page!). But from recommendations, I hear a graduated neutral density filter will do the trick! If you have a newer camera that has live view mode, I would recommend going on manual and adjusting the shutter speed and aperture and seeing what the result would be on live view mode.

  2. I have never been one to tell my Grandmother how to suck ehs as they say! And I in no way thin I will ever get the perfect shot (as you know) but I think with these two you have! The top shot is superb for the fact that you captured the “Peekaboo” Sun beautifully and the silhouetted Surfer is caught to a tee.The second shot showing the surfer contemplating what the hot day under a savage sun will bring, as he awaits his next set, makes me think I can see into his mind and takes me from a Southern Winter so that I can join him for a minute. Why would you want anything more powerful and impactful than that – What’s Perfect?

  3. You are making me so jealous…I want to live by the ocean! These are both beautiful!!! Also I love your header image!

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