Atlantic City…A Gamble That Hasn’t Quite Payed Off….


A view from the top of the Absecon Lighthouse shows that the promise of a revitalized city has never really panned out in this “adult playground” by the sea. Over the past 40 years the mega-million dollar resorts with their spas, restaurants and multitude of gambling opportunities have provided little to no help to the residents of Atlantic City. With the exception of the roads( that are not that great either)I’m sure that little to none of my personal donations have gone to helping the city itself.

Now if you talk to 20 people you’ll get 30 reasons why this gamble hasn’t paid off…. closer competition for gambling(Pa), sluggish economy, yada, yada, yada. For me, it’s pretty simple….the city is not visually appealing which , in turn, gives me an unsafe feeling. The thought of having to stop at a red light in most, if not all, parts of this city is fairly unnerving. I don’t get that feeling in most parts of NYC! It seems almost too simplistic but (for me) until this aspect of the city is fixed, AC will never be a “shore bet”


3 thoughts on “Atlantic City…A Gamble That Hasn’t Quite Payed Off….

  1. The processing gives me the interesting sensation of a toy town. Not sure why. I almost expect Bill or Ellen’s “little people” to be here. 🙂

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