It’s What’s On The Inside…


Before I go inside one of these old lighthouses I try to get an idea what the life of the light keeper might have been like by reading all about the history of the structure and then the keepers themselves. Then when I enter the lighthouse itself I try to imagine myself as the actual keeper (okay, a bit weird) but I actually think it helps me see the lighthouse from as it may have been over a hundred years ago. I try to translate those thoughts into pictures for you, the viewer.

On another note….The application of hdr processing is perfect for this lighting situation. The difference between highlights and shadows was slightly bigger than 2 stops in each direction, especially noticeable in the second shot where I could have gone even another stop to capture the highlights. But the absence of a tripod it was impossible.

7 thoughts on “It’s What’s On The Inside…

  1. LOVE both of these…the contrast of the light and the depth in both are picture perfect! Two more favorites of mine!

  2. You are very talented. I have a light house picture on the inside too from Berlin..I never thought of that!

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