A Different Take On The Same Old, Same Old…


Like most of you, I’m sure, many of the places I go to shoot have been photographed many, many times before (see yesterday’s shot). With this in mind lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to compose shots from angles not the norm.

In today’s post I would like you the viewer to walk away saying that even though you may have seen this subject before you haven’t seen it from quite this angle. Make sense? Did I accomplish my task? Anyway, it’s an attempt and many of my interior shots of this lighthouse were taken with this in mind, so stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “A Different Take On The Same Old, Same Old…

  1. I love this point of view Mike. In addition to being a wonderful image, it serves your point very well. Nice job finding the right angle for this one.

  2. I’m a real fan of these angular views and find myself using the ultra-wide angle lens more frequently in order to put some wonkiness into the scene. These put some extra punch into the “ordinary” or usual view. Please continue with these…freshly interesting!

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