Standing Tall…


With 226 steps(of which I climbed them all), the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City is the 3rd tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States. It was built in 1857 and eventually decommissioned in 1933. A beautiful reconstruction of the keepers quarters can be seen here at the base of the lighthouse.

Since moving down near the beach 11 years ago I’ve become quite interested in lighthouses in general. I enjoy reading about the planning and building of these architectural wonders, the history of their keepers and the eventual demise of lighthouses around the world. You may have noticed this already with a fairly steady posting of lighthouses here in New Jersey, others can be seen here, here and here.

7 thoughts on “Standing Tall…

  1. Absolutely love this photo! I can’t stop staring at it. Love how the tower appears to be so tall that it is almost touching the heavens!

    1. Yeah but there was a gate behind me that would have been visible on the perimeter.
      Should have put my wide angle on the camera!

  2. Wonderful high and mighty portrait of that lighthouse…hey, think of the exercise you got climbing those steps! lol The front porch being cut off does not bother me…I like being closer to admire the details!

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