An Old Classic…


My original rendering of this shot got an editors pick over at HDR Spotting a few years ago so when I came across the originals a few days ago I decided to see what I could do with it after all these years. No texture on this but a do like the changes to this version, a bit more dramatic I’d say!.

Do you have a photo that you’ve reworked after a few years in the archives? If so post it here in the comments and we’ll have a look. It makes me think if any of the famous photographers or painters ever have gone back and reworked a classic? Are there 2 Mona Lisa’s??? Doubt it.

4 thoughts on “An Old Classic…

  1. Not ever seeing the HDR version I can only say this is a super image. I like how the vignette is soft enough to draw the eye into the scene and the muted colors surrounding the boats.

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