All’s Quiet…

Shots After Dark

…at the marina in Point Pleasant, NJ. BTW, this is much better large….so click on it if you wish.

This place brings back lots of childhood memories of summers at the beach, fishing, swimming, listening to Van Halen’s first over and over. Yes, I was a “Benny” back then, but, you know the old saying….. “If you can’t beat’em…join’em.” And so we did.


6 thoughts on “All’s Quiet…

  1. Pure serenity…loving the lighting and the mood of tranquility! Absolutely beautiful.

    Not sure if you check back on posts but I wanted to tell you you were right. I always use some form of topaz on my pictures but here lately I have been bumping up the opacity quite a bit. Thanks for your nice comments! 🙂

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