The Experiment Continues…

Beach Scenes

Beach Scene

I don’t know whats gotten in to me but what ever it is I’m enjoying the different looks these old photos offer when experimenting in Lightroom. I do draw inspiration from other photographers, such as you my readers, and for that I thank you. This look was inspired by a photographer that I had in my bookmarks forever and I must have deleted his website during my recent reorganization of my bookmarks. I would love to recognize him but just can’t remember his name. Anyway, thank you for your contribution to my inspiration, whoever you are:)

Below is the original….

Beach Scene Original

Another in the series, first the experiment…

Beach Scene 2

And the original…

Beach Scene 2 Original

I have a few more from this series that I will show this week. I would love to hear your thoughts on these so please, if you have the time, let me know what your thinking. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “The Experiment Continues…

  1. They both have different aspects that I like (the sepia tone brings out more of the textures, while the color adds a new dimension). I’d have to say that I like the color pictures a little more (because of that extra dimension), but the altered image is still great! Good work!

  2. That effect really works well w/ both of these shots…both already have minimal color and the processing really brings out the textures in the sand!

  3. It is interesting to see how the mood of the photos changes when processed into a monotone. I like how the textures are enhanced in the monotone, but I also like the warmth the color gives.

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