I Gave It A Shot….


I’ve been following a fantastic photographer from here in New Jersey for a few months now and Jack Fusco continues to amaze me with his nighttime astro-photography. This shot got me inspired to give it a whirl and lets just say it was not good. Before I post my failures I’ll give you a shot that is worthy of posting.

The picture above is of the Sea Girt lighthouse, it was first lit in 1896 and was the last live-in lighthouse on the Atlantic Coast. I’ve taken shots of this lighthouse before and the only reason I decided to shoot it again was the fact that as I was setting up down at the beach for some astro-photography and turned around to see a large waxing crescent moon overhead. I wasn’t in the best compositional position down there so I ran up to get a better shot. By that time this was the best position I found. Do you see the moon? Yeah, that’s it, left of the buildings, the size of a speck. It didn’t last long before disappearing.

Thanks for looking and if anyone has any resources for taking nighttime astro-photographic shots please let us know. BTW, you can see Jack Fusco’s work here. I highly recommend you take a look.


8 thoughts on “I Gave It A Shot….

  1. Nice tonal range in this evening shot. It’s interesting how we photographers inspire each other. You have inspired me with your long exposures. I’m going to post my effort from last night on my blog. It was taken from that location you had asked about awhile ago. I confused the location with another one that I like to shoot at when I told you where it was. It was taken at the end of the Allenhurst Beach Club.

      1. Would love to meet up with you if possible……..it’s a small area with lots of compositional opportunities, I think………but always a struggle for me!

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