The Hats…

Black and White

That was what grabbed my attention as we turned around to walk back down the beach. I’m always trying to keep my eye out for the smaller details even in a very large scene like a crowded beach.

Schools officially out so I should be able to visit everyone’s blogs a bit more for the next few weeks. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of my blog for I have just passed 50000 views to my site. WOW, I would never have imagined that many views when I first started this web journey. THANK YOU ALL!

7 thoughts on “The Hats…

  1. My eyes were drawn to those hats the minute I opened the image and before I read what you wrote! Nice eye (as always)! Congrats on your views!

  2. I like the fact that you have captured some great body language here…the tilt of the hats and the position of the arms/rods make it feel as though these fisher-people haven’t had any luck in their fishing this day. Have browsed through the photos I’ve missed on your site lately…great work as usual…and you’ve been diversifying into some different subjects too!

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