Not 100% Happy….

Themed 365 Project

This is a perfect example of why the quality of the sky is so important in photography. I love everything about the bottom half of this photo, the color, the subject, the texture etc. Then I look at the sky…….a total absence of visual content. Well, maybe I’ll have to make this a composite and add a sky??? Does it make me a bad person????????

5 thoughts on “Not 100% Happy….

  1. Absolutely not! It’s your image and if you want to improve it, that’s not a bad thing. I do agree with you it needs a nice sky and would be a great image!

  2. When you have the vision, tools and expertise to make it happen, I say why not?!!! Like Sheila points out it is your image….will be interested to see the outcome!

  3. I agree with everyone above, if it’s worth it to you mike, then I say go for it. Looking at the image, I love it with or without the improved sky but I’ll say that it would definitely be improved with some nice blue behind that yellow. Going really wide here and getting low makes this powerful. Great job. If you decide to do it, please post it! I’d love to see how you did.

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