A Man And The Sea…

Themed 365 Project

Took this back in the winter during one of several trips to Sandy Hook. It’s so calm and quiet this time of year at this particular spot. Just a few reasons I make it a point to go back.

FYI, I have sung the praises of Snapseed in the past and just read it’s free on the Apple website or Itunes…. my advise, GO NOW!

Screen capture of processing…one of my quicker edits believe it or not!


13 thoughts on “A Man And The Sea…

  1. Mike this has to be one of my favorites of your many beautiful images! Could you share how you created this….ND filter?….processed with snapseed?

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comments, I will edit this post to include my Lightroom adjustments. The screen capture appears to look like many adjustments but it really only took me about 7 minutes…including a trip to the kitchen for a snack:)

      1. Thanks, Mike….don’t have LIghtroom….but am trying to compare your settings with what I have available…..a friend and I have an assignment coming up for long exposure images….neither one of us have ever done one……..have info that I have to read up on, but would be interested in any tips you might offer as to taking the picture originally.

      2. Hi Helen,
        First thing I recommend is a tripod! Hand holding anything longer than 1 sec will guarantee one thing, Blur! The photo above is a little over 3 seconds and I’m satisfied with the smoothness of the water. And lastly, if your camera has shutter speed priority than I would use that for your first go around with long exposures. One less thing to think about as a novice to this type of photography.
        It all comes down to your preferences to the look of the image, this may provide you with a starting point.

      3. If the sun is below the horizon…..probably not. I just checked metadata and at 6:45am I might have had one on at f5.6.

      4. Great to know since I don’t have one…..am hoping I can get away with a polarizer. Thanks for all your help….will let you know when I hopefully get some…one : )!!! Assignment is for June.

  2. So much mood in this image Mike, I am that fisherman and feel the beauty and serenity that surrounds me. Beautiful image…

    I do pop in from time to time and enjoy every visit! Your work is individual and uniquely beautiful. / Pat

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