And It’s Free….

Themed 365 Project

I haven’t shot a thing in about a month or so but did manage to download OnOne Software’s Perfect Layers program and apply a preset to this particular shot. It seems to be a neat program with it’s effects tab amongst others. I applied one of those presets here and with very little time or attention to detail came up with this result. Not too bad other than the blur tint to the tree and the funky looking sky.

I don’t have much time the next few weeks to explore it but would love to hear your thoughts on the program if you’ve tried it.


3 thoughts on “And It’s Free….

  1. Not one I’ve got Mike….but this result isn’t too bad….I agree the sky is a bit weird and that ‘glow’ round the barn is a bit offputting

  2. The sky seems like nothing a little PS masking couldn’t clean up – but the tree is a litle odd. The effect on the shed is great, though.

  3. I have not tried it, but would love to! I haven’t been great about shooting or commenting lately….graduations in May! ugh!

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