A Case for Hoarding….

Themed 365 Project

Adjacent to the wine tasting room in my previous post, this room contained some wine crates and a few old wine barrels. Not compelling subjects but visually interesting nonetheless. As with my last post this is a reprocessed shot from 4 years ago. The original post can be seen here. It’s a pretty significant change with the present shot being much more realistic. In retrospect, I can’t believe I actually posted that shot, it’s bad!.

I’ve said it before and this is a perfect example of why you should save those old shots from many moons ago. Changes in software and one’s ability level can have a significant impact on the quality of your shots. Yes, the power of the HSL module in Lightroom made a tremendous impact on my ability to transform this shot. Although my visit was 4 years ago, this is exactly how I remember the scene.


6 thoughts on “A Case for Hoarding….

  1. what a difference the processing makes, I giggle when you say ‘not compelling subjects etc….a frenchman could step on your toes for less /:>)

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