Still At It….

Themed 365 Project

Yes I’m still trying to get my new computer squared away and I can say that it’s been quite frustrating….. Right now I’m having trouble with getting my shared printer to actually share. The 2 computers that are connected through wireless are showing that the printer is offline. Hmmmm.

In any event it has allowed me to go through some old folders and discover new photos. You may say this is not a new subject and it’s certainly not but I’ve never showed a perspective from here. I like it but am wondering if the shot would be better with the top of the pier was positioned above the horizon line? I don’t know maybe I’m too picky.

I have to apologize for my lack of commenting on your blogs. It’s that time of year, the craziness has begun and won’t  have much time until June. I will be lurking and still checking out your photos but maybe not commenting as much. Again I apologize.

2 thoughts on “Still At It….

  1. I know what you are saying about getting the top of the peir above the horizon, but I like it the way it is….looks like it is supporting the sky

  2. I like it thus way as well, the pier looks as if it goes off around the world…I think I see a bird on the pole to theleft, pas mal de tout..

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