Another Beautiful Morning….

Themed 365 Project

First shot is SOOC and then I decided to utilize Topaz Simplify to give it a painterly look….

Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Morning….

  1. Like what Simplify did for this image. We spent most of this past week living in a cloud. I have a picture of a foggy sunset that just doesn’t look the way I had hoped it would. Perhaps I’ll see what Simplify can do for it…..would never have thought of using it. Thanks for the idea : ) !

    1. Yes Sheila, I pass this spot everyday and have posted shots from here over the last few years….thanks for visiting.

  2. The Topaz plug-ins are really wonderful to use. Really like how you applied Simplify in the second image. I like the top image but really enjoy the effect in the 2nd image.

  3. I’ve admired other shots from I think here, nice commute! I love the dreamy effect , I wonder how it would look to bring back a bit of detail in the barn and other building in the distance.

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