Seen Better Days….

Themed 365 Project

If you’ve ever been to a dance competition you know that there’s quite a bit of idle time to kill between performances.  This particular event gave me about an hour and a half to explore an area of New Jersey that I’ve never been to…..I did a quick search through Flickr and found a place called 6 Mile State Park. In a nut shell…..not much here except for this old dilapidated shed and it’s contents. I hung around long enough to get a bit of light right on the “left for dead” Toro tractor. Definitely directs your eye right to the main subject.

6 thoughts on “Seen Better Days….

  1. Wonderful job exposing all the shadows and highlights. Looks like you made good use of your down time. With another hour, you might have been able to get that Toro running again! 😀

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