Fired Up…Part 3…

Themed 365 Project

Processed this one the same as the last two except I added a Lightroom preset called Yesteryear 1. I did tweak the saturation of colors and added a vignette to finish it off. I like the look!

14 thoughts on “Fired Up…Part 3…

  1. I really like your processing in this one…the colors really add a whole new perspective to this series of shots!

  2. OK, I have been a slacker on everyone’s blogs lately so I’ll have to go back and check your previous posts. But…when I opened this I said “Holy crap!” and turned the laptop so my husband could see the photo and he said “Holy sh*t! That’s bad *ss!” I’d say this has to be one of my favorite shots of yours EVER. Great job my friend! Hope to catch up on all the blogs in the coming days.

    1. Thanks Bonnie…same here, haven’t been to too many blogs lately as things are getting quite busy here. Did stop by your blog though and loved your last post!

  3. Like the series but am wonderin about your conversion to including dirty clouds now? Change of view or different conditions I wonder?

  4. and I thought your b&w couldn’t get any better, super tweaked and sassed, shared this posting again with my ‘old biker and photographer’ in canada, I can’t print his comment but it was allll good

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